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Glute Machine 77 Series

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Shua fitness have a fantastic selection of resistance training equipment, but the 77 Series is truly unique.

This is perhaps the worlds only series of single station machines that allows users to load weight via pin selection and plate loaded method. It creates a new sense of resistance during the rep. The 77 series has been designed with great range of motion which delivers a smooth, comfortable feel through the movement.

Its beautifully designed, but also a beast. With quality 3mm thick steel, and precision welds a solid foundation is created for all users, including all you heavy lifters.

The 77 series is a statement range in any gym.

Key Features-

  • Dual loading options
  • Hydraulic seat adjustment
  • 3mm thick steel
  • Hard wearing Upholstery
  • High strength cable
  • Outstanding design
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Only series of its kind, making your facility stand out from the rest

Contact Motion Fitness for more information and lead times on the 77 Series.

Warranty – Life time frame – 1 year cables – 6 month upholstery.

DIMENSIONS L1675 / W1295 / 1480MM
MAIN FRAME - 125*75*T3.0/120*50?T3.0

Product Description


One of the attractive and very unique 77 series stations from Shua fitness.

The SH-G77 series is one of a kind with its pin selector and plate loaded options. A truly unique range that will allow your facility to stand out from the crowd.

It isn’t just a gimmick, tried and tested to provide consistent resistance via the pin selecting method, and the option to add additional plates to the plate loading bars. This gives more increment flexibility and allows for heavy lifting. It allows you to feel the difference of combining the two loading styles, which is a new experience you can only achieve with the 77 series.

The range of motion is considered carefully and allows a full range for users of all sizes.

The Cable is made of highly-flexible oiled steel wire rope from Japan. Adopting the imported material, 189 cables are used, which offer stability. And the rubber coating delivers the smooth, durable and low temperature resistance performance. What’s more, breaking force is 1400KG.

The main frame is precision welded with quality 3mm steel tubing. The main frames are 125*73*T3

Seat position is powered by a hydraulic action

powder coated frames

Contact Motion Fitness for more information and lead times on the 77 Series.

Warranty – Life time frame – 1 year cables – 6 month upholstery.



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