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Light Commercial Education Sector

Our light commercial range of cardio equipment is perfect for educational and workplace environments.  With strong, high quality component parts for sustained use combined with good looks and style, you won’t find better for your office or school gym project.  

Schools – We all know that fit and healthy children who are active and not bored, perform better in class and ultimately in their exams.  Obesity amongst our children today is on the increase and we need to take this seriously to protect our future generations.  A new school gym will go a long way towards educating and motivating children to realise that a healthy lifestyle should be the norm and not something to be dismissed.  If children understand this from a young age, a healthy way of life becomes a habit rather than an unachievable goal later in life…

Wellbeing in the work place – The same goes for our employees. A healthy, happy employee is more productive and takes less sick days. With more and more companies rightly focusing on employee wellbeing a fitness facility in your offices might prove a valuable asset. Not only does it keep staff healthy and increase productivity, it will help retain talent in a world where employee benefits is now considered more important than ever.

Not only does Motion Fitness offer a full design service and consultation with schools and companies, we also supply, install and offer a comprehensive after sales service. We have a variety of servicing and maintenance packages to suit your needs.  Give us a call to discuss your project.  We look forward to working with you to achieve your desired outcomes. Call us on 0800 97 88 555 and we’d be happy to assist in any way we can.